Hard Waxing

Waxing – Hard Wax

We use the highest quality wax.  Gentle for all skin types, even the most sensitive. A wax is heating up to 46 Celsius degrees and then applying to the skin. Hard wax dry immediately therefore may be removed after 10 sec.  Hard wax is also called as no-strip wax because it is done without strips. Waxing Hard wax has less contact with skin so it is considered that hard waxing is less painful or painless. Waxing with hard wax is recommended to sensitive areas such as eyebrows, faces, navels, bikinis and underarms.

We try to make brazilian wax as ?painless-as-possible? and have mastered all sorts of techniques to minimize the ?ouch? factor. If you are a waxing ?virgin? (whether at Easy Waxing or just in general), we want you to let us be your first (we promise you won?t regret).

How to prepare for Hard Wax Depilation?

Similarly to waxing your hair need to be the right length. Hard Wax epilation works best with hair that is about  0,4 mm to 1 cm. Too short hair are difficult to remove, as it won?t be caught by wax, whereas too long hair may cause more pain.
It’s recommended to:

  • do the exfoliation one day before the treatment to remove dead skin cells for a better result,
  • not to wear any lotion, deodorant, oil, or any other skin care products on the area you intend to have waxed, so the hard wax won’t slide off the skin.

Price and appointments:

You will find more details in „Pricelist – Waxing” tab. In the „Contact” tab you’ll find our telephone number and address. You may also make an appointment by filing in the contact form.

Post hard waxing tips:

  • keep the area clean, but do not use harsh cleansers or exfoliants for 24-48 hours post-hard waxing depilation,
  • apply aloe vera gel to the area, for a sensitive part of the body it’s recommended to apply Sudocream or use a bit of hydrogen pyroxide,
  • do not use peels or microdermabrasion on the waxing area up to 24 hours prior.
  • avoid hot showers, hot tubs, sauna, sunbathing or tanning for 24-48 hours post hard waxing depilation,
  • skin with tendency to varicose veins,
  • irritated or injured skin,
  • period (you may be more sensitive to pain)
  • just after a sun-tanning,

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