Hybrid Manicure

Shellac and Gelish Hybrid Manicure

Hybrid nail polish is a revolutionary discovery of CND company, specializing in the production of preparations for the nail care. Shellac and Gelish hybrid nail polishes are a combination of the finest qualities of classic nail polishes (speed and ease in placing and removing, not having to mill/matt nails) and gel (stiffness, strength and durability). Thanks to this improvements  manicure lasts up to 14 days. You can enjoy the beautiful, shiny manicure no matter how hard you use your nails.

Hybrid manicure is very similar to classic manicure. Beautician removes old nail polish (if you have Shellac or Gelish on your nails we use a special remover, which within 5 minutes makes hybrid nail polish soft and allows to remove it). Then nails are filed according to your wishes and finger shape just like in case of a classic manicure. Then, after softening cuticles, we move them or cut as desired. After that nails are ready for painting. As in case of classic manicure primarily base primer is applied. The main difference in the whole process is that each layer is cured in UV lamp for about 2 minutes. The time of the treatment is not much longer, because during the curing beautician imposes another layer of nail polish on the nails of the other hand. After applying the base we put two layers of Shellac or Gelish and thereafter topcoat. Your hybrid manicure is ready.

Price and appointments:

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Nail polish warranty

For our customers using the hybrid Shellac or Gelish manicure we offer five-day warranty on the nail polish. During this time, all the imperfections will be corrected for free.


Easy Waxing is equipped with modern Autoclave Class B (highest group of this type of equipment). In addition, all tools in our Studio are stored in special bags to ensure the maintenance of their sterility for at least 6 months. Visit our Studio is not only enjoyable, but also completely safe for your health.

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