Classic Manicure

Classic, SPA and Therapeutic Manicure

Manicure is a basic treatment performed in beauty salons. Its primary purpose is to shape properly the nail plate by filing it and removing fingernail cuticles. Afterwards in case of classic manicure nails are polished.

Classic manicure begins with removing the old nail polish (if your nails are painted). Properly nail polish comes off by the imposition of a cotton flap on the nails, then you should wait until the clean up begins to work. The next step is to cut and file nails. The shape of nails is adapted to the shape of your fingers, depends also on construction and health of your nails and of course we consider the wishes of our customers. The next step is cuticles removal. The last step is to degrease and dry the nail. When the nail plate is prepared as described above we cover it with basecoat, then two coats of nail polish and a hardener. This allows faster drying of nail polish and it makes it stronger and more durable so you can longer enjoy the perfect manicure.

In our studio we use Nail Tek basecoats and topcoats and Duri and Orly nail polishes.

Price and appointments:

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Easy Waxing is equipped with modern Autoclave Class B (highest group of this type of equipment). In addition, all tools in our Studio are stored in special bags to ensure the maintenance of their sterility for at least 6 months. Visit our Studio is not only enjoyable, but also completely safe for your health.

Photo Gallery

Photos of our manicures are presented in Section Blog – Nail Gallery tab and on Facebook.

Preparing for manicure:

Manicure does not require any special preparation. If you have tips or gel nails, a few days before the manicure it should be removed.

After manicure:

After classic manicure for some time you need to be careful in order not to damage you fresh nail polish.  Even though we use topcoat and speed dryer the layers closer to the nail plate need about an hour to get appropriate hardness. Often, clients immediately after leaving the salon begin to look for car keys, write an SMS, etc. which leads to nail polish damages. Be sure to avoid that.


  • Itch
  • Tinea
  • Skin cuts, wounds
  • Infections
  • Allergies