Magnetic Manicure

Magnetic Manicure & Pedicure by Gelish Magneto

Gelish Magneto is a novelty in the field of fancy nail styling with hybrid nail varnishes. It allows for achieving a unique, designer pattern. Magnetic nail varnishes contain tiny metal filings, which due to magnetic interaction give a unique look to the varnish. Magnetic manicure is performed almost identically to the classic hybrid manicure. Beautician puts on a base, then the first and second coating of varnish. Prior to curing with the UV lamp of the second layer of the varnish, manicurist attaches a magnet to each nail. Then, top is applied and cured. The result? Captivating …

Gelish Magneto Range of Colours

Currently, Gelish Magneto magnetic nail varnishes can be found in six colours, both classical and hybrid. Below we present the colour sampler.