Hybrid Pedicure

Shellac & Gelish Hybrid Pedicure

Shellac hybrid pedicure is new in the market for cosmetic services and has enjoyed enormous popularity. Easy Waxing salon is the first store in Wroclaw, which introduced a hybrid coatings to the range of its services.

Shellac hybrid pedicure treatment begins with a foot examination during which the client with the beautician decide how to shape the nails, which Shellac hybrid varnish colour to choose.  If the fingers have hairs, we recommend removing them with wax. Then the beautician prepares a refreshing foot bath in warm water with aromatic salts to soften and smooth the skin. After thoroughly drying the feet the beautician cuts and files nails giving them a beautiful shape, removes calluses and corns with electric pedicure nail drill machine. Depending on the client, the cuticles are moved down or cut down.  Then the beautician puts cream or mask on feet, nourishing the skin so that the feet skin becomes hydrated, nourished, soft and gives a comfortable feel. At the end beautician coats nails with a Shellac hybrid nail varnish.

Shellac is a combination of nail varnish and gel. The varnish does not flake, dries instantly, thanks to which soon after the treatment you can put the foot into the shoe without fear of scratching the varnish. Hybrid nail varnish gives a beautiful glossy colour, providing your feet with a very elegant look. Hybrid nail varnish is kept longer on the nails than the traditional nail varnish, guaranteeing a beautiful colour without scratches for about 3 weeks.

Gelish is a hybrid coating based on the same formula as the Shellac hybrid varnish. All the indications relating to the Shellac hybrid varnish apply to Gelish, the only difference that exists between them is a different range of  colours.

Warranty for the varnish

We offer our customers using the Shellac and Gelish varnishes a five-day warranty. During this time, we correct all imperfections for free.

Arranging treatments and prices:

Exact pricing is available in the tab „Pricing – Pedicure„. In the „Contact” tab you will find phone and address of our Studio.

After the pedicure treatment:

After the Shellac Pedicure treatment you do not have to wait until the varnish dries and be careful not to damage it.  Shellac hybrid varnish is cured in a UV lamp so that the drying time is exactly 0 minutes. There is no possibility of damaging the varnish when you insert the foot into a shoe.


Easy Waxing Salon is equipped with modern B Class Autoclave (highest class for this type of equipment). In addition, tools such as pliers, cuticle remover, cutters, cutters for pedicures are packed in sterile packages and unpacked only in the presence of the client. A visit to our salon is a guarantee of the highest safety standards. More in the „About Us” tab.