Classic Pedicure

Classic, SPA and Therapeutic Pedicure

Classic pedicure is a very popular procedure performed in beauty salons. Its primary purpose is to remove calloused cuticle from the feet, shortening and filing nails and retraction of cuticle on nails. Usually after a classic pedicure nails are painted.
Classic pedicure begins with a visual inspection of the feet and removal of the old nail varnish. If toes have hair, we encourage to remove them using wax. The next step is to dip the feet in warm water with aromatic salts. After that, the feet are dried with a towel and the nails are shortened. The next step is to remove calloused cuticle, blisters and corns using a special electric nail file drill. Then we put a softening fluid on cuticles and retract them or cut them out, according to the client’s request; and then we rub a skin cream or put a mask. After degreasing nails, we put a base, two coats of nail varnish and a hardener. Thanks to that, the finish will be durable and resistant to external factors.

Pedicure treatments are made on the basis of well-known cosmetics of an American Company Nail Tek and nail varnishes of Orly and Shellac.

Arranging treatments and prices:

Exact pricing is available in the tab „Pricelist – Pedicure„. In the „Contact” tab you will find phone and address of our Studio.


Easy Waxing Salon is equipped with modern B Class Autoclave (highest class for this type of equipment). In addition, tools such as pliers, cuticle remover, cutters, cutters for pedicures are packed in sterile packages and unpacked only in the presence of the client. A visit to our salon is a guarantee of the highest safety standards. More in the „About Us” tab.

Preparing for pedicure:

Pedicure treatment does not require special preparation. Before the treatment it is advisable to take good care of feet.

After the pedicure treatment:

After a pedicure treatment one should be careful for some time, not to damage the nail varnish. Although it may seem to be already dry, the inner layer is still soft and vulnerable to external factors. Varnish is cured in about 1-2 hours. On warm days, you can come to the salon in flip-flops or other footwear with open toes. Thus you do not have to wait in the salon for the varnish to dry.


  • Fungal infections, candidiasis of the feet and nails
  • inflammatory
  • injuries, cuts in the feet skin