Diamond Microdermabrasion

Treatment  Price
STANDARD (with nutritional mask) 110 zł
PLUS (with nutritional mask and algae) 135 zł
DE LUX with algae (with nutritional mask, ampoule and algae) 170 zł

Cavitation Peeling

Treatment  Price
STANDARD (with cream) 65 zł
PLUS (with cream and nutritional mask) 79 zł
DE LUX with algae (with cream, nutritional mask and algae) 99 zł

Facial Cleansing

Treatment  Price
STANDARD (with nutritional mask, cavitation peeling and d’Arsonval) 95 zł
PLUS (with nutritional mask, cavitation peeling, d’Arsonval and algae) 119 zł
DE LUX with algae (with cream/mask, cavitation peeling, ampoule with sonophoresis, d’Arsonval and algae) 139 zł
Back cleansing (with cavitation peeling and d’Arosnval) 159 zł

Acids Exfoliation Rhonda Allison

Treatment Price
STANDARD (with nutritional mask) 150 zł
PLUS (with cream for home treatment) 185 zł
DE LUX (with retinol and cream for home treatment) 205 zł


Treatment Price
Mesotherapy + cream 150 zł
Mesotherapy + cream + mask 170 zł
Mesotherapy + cream + mask + algae 199 zł
Additional mesotherapy of neck & shoulders 50 zł

Additional Treatments

Treatment Price
Treatment with ultrasonic waves and massage (cosmetics according to client skin type) 85 zł
Collagen under eyes (with cream) 49 zł
d’Arsonval 30 zł
Additional microdermabrasion of neck and decolletage 40 zł
Additional cavitation peeling of neck and decolletage 25 zł
Additonal d’Arsonval of neck and decolletage 15 zł